Combining stitches

I worked on a small piece to combine some of the stitches I’ve recently been working with.

The rosette stitch is perhaps most clearly seen in lime green thread. As I was working with that line on the left, I wished I could do the stitch itself vertically and not just the line. I can slant the stitch around the curve. And I did that over on the right hand side in the fourth column of stitches. Taking the stitch vertically seemed to make it too unstable with the long loop around to the next stitch. Anchoring the stitch at the bottom to stabilize it, the woven look at the top is lost and the stitch becomes a detached twisted chain or a twisted fly stitch. See the green stitching in the photo below.

In the next photo it is easy to observe the difference between the two stitches as they go around the curve. The rosette stitch is in blue green going to a purple and the detached twisted chain or twisted fly stitch in the green just to the right of the rosette stitch.  

So often I explore stitches in isolation because I’m focused in on learning about a particular stitch. But I’ve enjoyed working on this piece and evaluating the textures and capabilities of a few stitches in close proximity to each other. I notice similarities and differences between stitches that I didn’t observe while working with them separately. And as in this case another stitch pops into mind as a compromise solution to a problem. 

With the limited time I had over the summer and now, although to a lesser extent, I’ve not been working on many projects. This small piece has shown me all over again how vital it is for me to be working in both ways so that what I learn about a stitch becomes more well rounded.

Well, I’m off to see if I can make a detached rosette stitch that holds together.

Next scheduled post: Wednesday (us, west coast)

2 Responses to Combining stitches

  1. bobbi says:

    Wonderful combinations and colors!

  2. paulahewitt says:

    I like this – the combination of stitches and the colours – it would make a great cover for a little notebook or something

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