Round about chicken scratch

Some how my recent focus on circles, a June post on chicken scratch from Mary Corbet and a set of flickr photos from LindaB all collided in my mind at the fabric store a few days ago.

This is what I saw there.

from the Heat Wave collection by Michele D’Amore for Marcus Fabrics

And this is what I’ve done with it.


6 Responses to Round about chicken scratch

  1. Marty52 says:

    Cool!s I see lots of possibilities with this.

  2. paulahewitt says:

    this is a great idea – i can see lots of applications for it

  3. anne says:

    Very interesting; but I don’t understand the “how to do………..”

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Anne, perhaps you’ve asked a question others are also asking. I will plan a post on some “how to” Friday (us, west coast).

  5. anne says:

    Looking at again, I think you have made these stitches on a fabric with circles. They are not interwoven like usually, I suppose…………………..?

  6. mieke noor says:

    What a good idea, this makes the fabric much more interesting and it must be fun to do also!!!

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