More than one way to make a knot

I thought I was experimenting with a pearl stitch based on a book of stitches by Mildred Ryan, but now I’m not sure if it’s the pearl stitch or not. Fortunately, there is more than one way to make a knot. And sometimes I’m not even sure I’ve made a knot.

Despite all my doubts about what it is, I’m fascinated with this little stitch. Here is how I’m making it.

I’ve broken the stitch down in to many still frames to make it understandable. But it works up as a very fast continual stitch once you have the rhythm down. And I’ve enjoyed it “off grid” as much as “on grid”. 

Here are some of the “on grid” experiments with it. Comparing the first photo below with the last shows the change in texture possible when varying how closely the stitches are placed to each other. It reminds me of something like a reverse buttonhole stitch more than a knot, as you may notice in some these experiments where the width of the stitch is increased.

Next scheduled post: Monday (us, west coast)


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