From my journal

I should be posting September’s TIF challenge today, if I was following my schedule. But there has been no such thing as a schedule let alone a list in my life the past two days. I do have the challenge pretty much done. It’s just a matter of harmonizing the two parts and snapping a photograph.

So in lieu thereof here are a few other things from my journal.

I’ve been busy working on filling circular shapes with embroidery patterns for maybe a month in some down-time minutes. And I think perhaps some of the cut paper work I’d done earlier in the summer has spurred me on to take notice of this shape I don’t generally like to work with in stitching.

Below are a more familiar shapes in my work, but my main consideration was color changes and angles.

I was dreaming up bargello patterns this summer and the pencil is one of the rough thoughts. The cut work is a failed experiment although there are some aspects of it that interested me.

More thoughts on patterns that I’d like to try in needlework.

If I’m on schedule by Friday (us, west coast), another post should appear.


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