Orphan Works Act: Hotlined and passed in Senate

The orphan works act was hotlined and passed in the US Senate Friday. Please request those who are in the House of Representatives not to follow suit but to reject this badly written legislation that places undue burden on all US artist, photographers and many others to protect their copyrights. Please acquaint yourself with the issues involved. Here is a place to start, if you’re not already aware of them. And please, take time to inform your representative of your point of view.

If you wish to read some of my previous posts on the subject, this might be the place to start. I’m outraged that under the cover of trying to address a real concern for libraries and museums there is much more going on in this legislation by those who have other interests. I’m ourtraged by the way this bill was passed in the Senate. In the midst of difficult days and the urgency of other legislation pending before the House, I still think this is a vital issue. Our representatives need to hear from us. And those outside the US may voice their concerns as well using this link for additional instruction.

Thank you for your consideration of this issue. Many thanks to those who have already taken action, please do it again. And many thanks to those of you who now may speak up to help protect copyrights for visual artists here in the US.


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