Experiments and Leaves

First the leaves.

I discovered a wonderful piece just finished by Kelly Fletcher while browsing about the net this morning. Her leaves are making my heart sing tunes from growing up days in Vermont. Each one is lovely. Please do go see. More close ups of the work here, here, here and here or simply explore her blog. Don’t miss her mom’s bullion stitches, if you do. Many thanks, Kelly, for sharing your beautiful work.

As for experiments

I’m totally disoriented and have way too many experiments going this weekend. First the pearl stitch or the reversed Palestrina stitch. I have no idea why this stitch got my attention. I have lots of other experiments going with a raised chain stitch and another variation of the chain stitch called the petal stitch. But this pearl stitch is simple and easy to do. It will follow a curve or a sharp angle. I need to do a lot more tests with it for spacing of the stitches, types of thread to use and so forth.  

And the version I’m doing may be a little different from the one referenced above in SharonB’s dictionary. I looking in Mildred Ryan’s book for more raised stitches when this caught my attention. And I followed her direction, I think. So I need to look more at both examples.

I also can’t find an on-line step by step on the petal stitch the way I’m doing it. So posts will be upcoming on these two stitches. And I’ve more experiments to photograph with a raised chain stitch.

In the meantime, here is something I was working with at odd moments during the summer. You may click for an enlargement. Daring patterns are one of my favorite things. I wish I had the time to devote to learning more about them. Kogin is my favorite so far. And this weekend I pulled out some of my experiments with it and have been looking around  the net for more supplies.

Many thanks to SharonB and all other stitchers who keep wonderful on-line dictionaries available to us. I appreciate their labors in behalf of the stitching community so much.

Next scheduled post: Wednesday (us, west coast)


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