a step back…a step forward

I was working and posting about a raised chain stitch of some kind last week and had gone on to another stitch, when “Tenar” at Tenar’s Cave left a comment for me. I went and viewed her sampler; it was full of variety and very interesting. It expanded my thinking on the stitch and I decided to revisit it. Sometimes a step back ends up being a step forward.

You will see some of the samples below following what “Tenar” had done. The differing results, in those cases, is primarily due to the difference in ground. Many thanks to “Tenar” for this comment and her work with the chain stitch. She has recently done some lovely work with the Algerian eye stitch.  Please do swing by and see it, if you haven’t already had an opportunity to view it.

Well, I have more experiments but they will have to wait for another post.

Next scheduled post: Monday (us, west coast). 


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