Balance: August’s TIF

After my falling down the stairs design for the half way point in SharonB’s TIF challenge, it made me laugh when I found what Sharon had to say in her August TIF post. Her question for August was, what is balance to you? And her follow up question was, how do you balance aspects of your life? 

If one feel like she has just tumbled down the stairs, it should accenctuate her concern for balance. And it should be a easy design to come up with. Logical, right?

The next few photos are reflections on my difficulty to find balance in life. If smarter, I’d try putting this into a video slide show. In fact, I may have to take time out and learn how to do that. I wonder if I can photoshop in a sky or if I need to stitch it. Better yet why not make several skys to indicate the passage of time.


A well pruned life, the balanced life?

Now turning a corner…

Update: The link below is now working! Many thanks to Christine at Lady Jane’s Journal for very kindly pointing out the broken connection. If you aren’t already familiar with her blog please do swing by and acquaint yourself with it.

Every quarter when Jeanine sends her notice to the EGA list to about updates at the Italian needlework website, I say to myself, I won’t bother to mention it on my blog. Then I go see what they have put together in various pages and the downloadable antique books. I can’t help but say it is beautiful white work, please go see it. If you have special interest in hardanger (punto norvegese) or reticella, this quarterly update highlights these areas and there is much more.

Click the appropriate flag but don’t hesitate from going to the middle of the Italian page where the header says  “le novità in questo aggiornamento”. I only admire reticella and other needle laces but if I worked with them perhaps I’d find the lovely pages of work as instructive as beautiful. There are a variety of designs from intricate to simple that could be translated over into other needlework disciplines.  

As for the hardanger pages, I had my sketch book out because I was so impressed by the way I was seeing some of problem areas handled. I felt like I was staring at answers to some of my “how to” questions from older, wiser stitchers. And they were giving me new ideas about what solutions might be available.

Many thanks to Jeanine in Canada and others for work in translation at that site.


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