Rosette stitch: day 2

I’m still enjoying the rosette chain stitch. More practice has been increasing my liberty with this stitch. But there is no getting around some of the limitations inherent in the stitch. But now I see some areas that I could get more done in if I would press it.

As I was out and scouting around I found two links I wanted to share.

History and importance of rosette stitch in Portuguese embroidery (text only/general photo).

Use of rosette stitch in various embroideriesin an pdf hosted by Sarah Bradberry at her website Embroidery and Sewing (of special note page 11).

And while I was looking in on other various other interests I came across these two blogs. If you aren’t familiar with them, please do swing by and look about.

Finyovisian is a blog has started to follow the book Finding Your Own Visual Language by Morgan, Benn and Dunnewold.  Their first posts involve cutting paper. As regular readers know I love this type of experiment and am always on the look out for more.

And Ornaments the blog of Orna Willis, I may have mentioned this blog before but I will just point to two things that have fascinated me lately. First, her post on emphasising various patterns with in one pattern by use of color. Second her 5 year Shields of Life series.

Now to turn a back toward the rosette stitch again, here are my experiments from this weekend.

An additional loop added


Forty five degree angles, plain and threaded


Various other experiments

I ran out of the outer purple thread and now I am out of photographed samples, too.

Next planned post: Wednesday (us, west coast)


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