Rosette stitch: day 1

I love the look of rosette stitch. It’s a member of the chain stitch family. And it is worked from right to left. If you’re not familiar with this stitch SharonB has a step by step at the link above and Mary Corbet has a video tutorial. Many thanks to Sharon and Mary for the resources they provide to the on-line needlework community!

I have been wanting to take the time to play with this stitch for some time. And a little unexpected time cropped up last evening. 


It is such an easy stitch but it is proving to be hard to experiment with. Exactly what I expected or feared. I got away with very little variation. The stitch fell apart when I tried to stretch the limits. So far this is the limit of my experiments.

As you can see above I was fairly cautious about angling the stitch until I tried a circle. It’s not passing muster yet. With more practice perhaps it will get there. This might be a nice stitch to take “off grid”.

Next planned post: Monday (us, west coast).

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