The half way mark – July’s TIF

In July Sharon b‘s question for the Take it Further challenge was, what is it to be at the half way mark? At the half way point in this calendar year, I felt like I was falling down the stairs.

This was the initial sketch

This is the most recent version

This is definitely not the final version.

Capturing the continuing motion, the immovability of the stairs and the fragility or frailness of the human person is what I’m after. Just not achieving yet.

I’m working with a new-to-me thread called Flair. It is a stretchable tubular ribbon for needlepoint according to the little card it came on. It’s nylon and more shinny than I’m happy about. But with it is sheerness I’m hoping that stitching over it or couching it may prove successful for taking the edge off a shape and showing some of the motion that I was hoping for.

Because of the tubular construction another thread can be placed inside this ribbon. I’ve tried catching the back layer of it from the back of the fabric and that worked as another alternative for attaching thread to the ground.

I’m full of how-to questions. If anyone has worked with this thread and has any tips or examples, please leave a comment, I would appreciate learning more. Or if you could suggest a more suitable thread, that would be great, too. Thanks very much.

Next post scheduled for Friday (us, west coast).


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