Off grid raised stitches

I’ve done a few more things with this raised stitch by taking it “off grid”. That always frees me up to do more with a stitch.

I put some of these experiments on an old piece I’ve given up on. But I liked this part of it. Not the colors but the work with this particular stitch. I’m going to do some more work with this over the weekend and see what becomes of more trials with the area to the left where I layered the stitches.

In the photo below I tried every what if I could think of in 15 minutes or so. The little vertical line is a what if on top of the current what if and deleted a step by allowing the tied down on the chain to act as the beginning straight stitch of the next. I haven’t researched it but I think that may be a documented stitch. Maybe my what ifing went full circle.  I might take a few of these experiments back “on grid” to see what happens.

Special note: If you read my last post where I touched on the double backstitch and haven’t yet read Annie Whitsed‘s post on the use of this stitch and seen her stitching, please do it. It’s a wonderful post and piece of embroidery.

My next post is planned for Monday (us, west coast).


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