I’ve been working on SharonB’s TIF challenge this summer but haven’t been posting any of the work. I thought I’d take today’s post to catch up on June’s theme. Sharon’s final instruction was think about stories that are and stories that are possible. 

I like to look at the back of needlework as much as the front. Some people may think I have an obsession with a tidy back. I like a tidy back, but my obsession is with patterns. And frankly, sometimes stitching patterns on the back of the fabric are as interesting as the ones on the front. To me while looking at the front of the embroidery tells one story and looking at the back possibly tells another.

The double backstitch is one of those stitches that while one side of the work looks like a closed herringbone stitch the other side shows two very nice neat rows of backstitching. This is taken advantage of in the alternating double backstitch where commonly three stitches are make with the herringbone to the front and then the stitching is reversed so the double backstitching appears on the front. This is often used as a decorative border stitch. In samplers, I’ve seen this worked as a small separating line between rows of the alphabet letters.


My June’s TIF sketch has to do with looking at the back side of the embroidery.   

Here’s the first sketch

There is a reason I had a “D” in spelling when I was in fourth grade. The teacher sent an alarming note home to my mother, but I see it failed to do much good. I still don’t know how to spell.

The most recent version

As you can see I’ve made notes about how to approach the work. I’m stuck on the two different ways of doing the project. I don’t know which one will win out in the end. But at least I’ve written down the ideas…I captured them.

There is actually an idea in the initial sketch that I edited out along the way. While I was getting the post ready today. I said that’s not such a bad idea. Maybe I could do something with that later.

Next post should be up on Friday (us west coast).


2 Responses to Capture

  1. paulahewitt says:

    That’s an interesting idea and who cares about spelin anyhow.

  2. sharonb says:

    Yes who cares about spelling – I also like “trail of every thread”

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