Fancies on a raised stitch

As I typed in the title of this post. It made me think about a couple of meanings for “fancies” that are relevant to the post. Perhaps I could work them both in by saying, the photos represent my imagination at work to make decorative stitches. Oh, for a better imagination!

I hope you enjoy looking and if something strikes your fancy that you’ll give it a try. I’m only scratching the surface of what could be done with the stitch.

Fancied up

I have a lot to learn regarding adding beads.

On this line the straight stitches are hidden by the loops. It raises the loops and therefore provides more texture to the line of stitching. I’m not sure the camera captured this aspect well.

And here below I’ve extended the straight stitch so that a running line appears, joining the groups of loops together.

A low profile line.


Another line, plain.


My apologies for the distractingly poor quality of the photos.

Another post should be up on Wednesday. Maybe something different or maybe something more on this stitch.


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