Another raised stitch?

One of the unexpected turns in my stitching this year has been raised stitches. I’m not sure if what I’m doing can properly be classified a raised stitch since once the straight stitch is worked, I go back into the ground to complete the stitch rather than work it entirely on top of the ground. However, if I don’t call it a raised stitch what should I call it?

Here’s a quick look at what the stitch is like as it is formed.

I finish it off with a little straight stitch to hold the loop like a detached chain stitch.

Once the basics are in order I play. It is a quick “stitch as you go” stitch. It’s not like the raised chain which is done in two passes. And it isn’t like the tete de boeuf variation that I do because the straight stitch is not distorted. My observation of that tete de boeuf is that the first straight stitch of a fly stitch is held down by a detached or open chain stitch instead of another straight stitch.

Here are a few random lines.

I’ll be back with a post on Monday (usa west coast) showing some of the fancier combinations using this stitch.


One Response to Another raised stitch?

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