This and that with the feather stitch

These are the last of my feather stitch photo posts for a little while. Something new has been catching my eye. And I need to start the hard work of putting the the feather stitch sampler together. I still don’t have a great alphabet for the sampler. I’m thinking of going to a script or going to a space for family initials.

My grandmother was a great letter writter and kept a daily diary for probably more than fifty years. A script alphabet would remind me of that. I thought of trying to do it in a hand similar to what she wrote in. However, I can see this taking up more time than I figured. I’ve thought about going to family initials. In the diary and personal letters to the family she consistantly used initials for immediate family members and the farm itself.

Here are some odds and ends of the feather stitch experiments.

A couple of the grids


I’m debating about all these heart shapes. I’m not sure if they belong in this sampler or not. The feather stitch certainly lends itself to creating them.

This little doodle to the left I can’t seem to repeat. I’d like to make it a line somewhere in the sampler.




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