More experiments with the feather stitch

There are still a few more experiments with the feather stitch to post.

The line second from the right shows some of the problems I have in extending the stitch too far. It’s not stable in respect to the looped diagonals heading into the center of the line. While I like the idea, I’ve not found an adjustment that works yet. That is calling to me for more experiments.

I could try couchng or a series of diagonal feather stitches. I’m leaning toward couching because the line is cleaner. I’m also curious about the stitch done directly before it. It seems like that stitch is pushing against the limits, too. I’m not sure if a different stitch there would produce a better result for the diagonal one.

These next samples are a series of small experiments playing around with staggering or overlapping. I was initially trying to do some more fern like stitches. But those experiments got side tracked when I started playing around with the texture caused by the overlapping.

One of these experiments are showing where I went beyond the limits of this stitch in some


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