Memories of butterflies in feather stitches

Well, perhaps these aren’t close enough to the real butterflies to be called butterflies. But they reminded me of butterflies.

My grandmother enjoyed the butterflies as they fluttered about the yard on summer days. I’ve already put some birds in the sampler. I don’t have courage for the lambs or calves yet.

Perhaps these stitches above will find their place in the sampler. I”m thinking of doing them as detached units and attempting to improve them in a few places with some satin stitches.

I’m not sure if this fabric is stained or dyed with tea or coffee, but the variation is showing up in the photo above.

Here are some school girl rows…just testing various alternatives.

The top two are new ideas. The others are variations on a theme from some of the stitching done during SharonB’s 2007 TSTC.

I believe they have a new group started at her stitchin’ fingers community. For any one not familiar with that already, I’ve tried recently to update my page on her challenges with some of that news. Many thanks to Sharon for all wonderful work she does in behalf of hand embroidery, crazy quilting and in so many related needlework fields.


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