Feather stitching again

A new week and I’m back on the feather stitch sampler again. I’ve been doing a lot of samples. Here are a few of them.

This first glance contains a few more renditions of the dog paw pattern (the two samples to the right). And at the top a little leaf pattern that reminded me of my grandmother’s ferns. She always had a bed of various ferns along the north porch. Oops, I guess you have to flip that sample about one hundred and eight degrees to get the effect of the ferns. The two samples to the right are part of the pattern I’m working with in the second photo.

The pattern to the left is what originally got me started on the two samples to the right in this photo and and in the one above.

In the last sample in the second photo I had to couch the long center stitches. The long stitches to the right and left are difficult to couch because of the angle of the stitches. They are perhaps stable enough for framed work but not for something that will be washed or handled a lot.

The third sample in the first photo is a smaller version of right and left sides of the last sample. It was done in an attempt to improve the stability of those long stitches. Definitely, not as graceful.



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