Still working

Patience will sooner or later pay off but persevering is tough work. Thankfully, friends show up just at the right time.

Anne Gailhbaud encouraged me via a comment that has sent me in a new direction of exploration this morning. We’ll see what key that may hold for solving some of these problems. Many thanks, Anne.

So far the only presentable work on the cross stitch form are these experiments that follow. And you may well laugh with me because this looks much more like a detached herringbone stitch than a cross stitch. I attempted to draw a quick picture of what is going on with these little stitches.  

Above: to the the left two stitches mirrored. To the right attempts at borders or edgings.

Above: two stitches mirrored with a form from yesterday’s post between.

Above: giving up and doing what ever I could think up.


One Response to Still working

  1. chitra says:

    Hi , I am chitra, I am fasinated by your experiments in interlaced stitch. I have been the Indian version of this stitch for very many years. but never even thought of experi menting in them. thanks for the idea. my blog is www.
    where I have posted some of my work on this stitch.

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