I’m still taken up with feather stitching and an idea pestered me last night. The sample below shows the results of two very different ways of stitching this.

I’m not sure which way is best. The one on the left is stitched as you go and the one on the right is a second pass. I’m still thinking a little bit more about it. I’ll be planning more experiments with this idea over the weekend.

I got serious about adding to the samples from yesterday’s post. And one of the comments I received was just so good that I that it gave me another idea as I was working with them.

Many thanks to Marjorie Holme at Moonsilk Stithes for enlightening my thinking in this post by way of her comment about a Japanese embroidery “fuzzy” technique. I’ve experimented based on a little clip I found about it. I tried both on the petal work (experiments not shown today) and on the feather stitching work shown below. I’m sure is it would be far out of it’s intended range with this sample.

Unfortunately, 100/3 silk is not easily dividable so the couching thread is too thick.  I’d like to work on this concept with some other threads and try the diagonal couching, too.





2 Responses to Ideas…

  1. paulahewitt says:

    I like the spiky vine like quality of the feather stitches in the first photo

  2. The pattern No 2 is just stunning! When I spotted it, it made me think of a cathedral with its vertical lines, then of a rock, .. It’s incredible how this simple tiny embroidery can give a sensation of (3D) space:)

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