Still practicing…

Sorry to have such an unscheduled blog break. My computer is totally messing up or else it is my internet service provide. Frankly, I suspect them both and am ready to tear out what hair I have left. I’ve had this computer a long time and it is stuffed far too full.

I’m still practicing for my feather stitch sampler. My grandmother lived in Vermont most of her life and so the sampler must have a maple leaf. She also was a great one for finding four leaf clovers. My mom says Gram would be walking along and suddenly stoop down and pluck one up.

I’m also practicing for a new piece using this red material. I’m not sure I’m going to use 100/3 silk for this. The coverage is not what I might wish. The only one I really like is the woven petal. The colors are off in the photo. The red is actually much lighter and the green much more gold.





One Response to Still practicing…

  1. Marjorie says:

    I rather like the leaves on red, the ones with just straight stitches. It reminds me of the “fuzzy” technique in Japanese embroidery and has an impressionstic feel. I also really like the woven shape. Marjorie

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