Off grid with the feather stitch

I have some of the “off grid” feather stitch samples ready for posting today by using Photoshop Elements. The others look too bad to post. I’m going to try and reshoot them.

The feather stitch was one of my disappointing weeks durning SharonB’s TSTC last year. I probably wouldn’t be trying this stitch again except I had started out this sampler as a tribute to my grandmother. Since she is the one who taught me the feather stitch, it seemed only fitting to include the stitch somewhere on the sampler. And then I finally decided to explore it again for this sampler when I was going through my WISPs a week or so ago.


The felt is off color here. The third sample is a very standard varaiation and on either side are examples of crossing over  a previous stitch to make the next one.

I can’t imagine what droll thing my grandmother would have said should she have seen these “off grid” samples. She had a very quick wit and loved to turn a pun. I’m sure we would have been laughing over them. But unless I make them pretty and dainty she wouldn’t feel they were worthy to stitch on any sampler. I’ll have to see how much 100/3 silk and a linen ground can help with a transformation.

A much more realistic color for the felt. Excepting the first one, the samples here are just what ever crazy little thought came into my mind. I love the last one in the upper sample, it reminds me of puppies’ paws.  



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