Small scattered thoughts on the feather stitch

Last night I did some more samples on the feather stitch. This time they were “on grid” but still using a pima cotton. If you’re wondering about the “off grid” samples, they need more work. I stitched them on a moss green felt and oh, no… I need to work with Photoshop Elements and/or try reshooting them.

Perhaps the first one is more rightly a chain stitch but I kept it anyway. The center sample is composed of three feather stitches one in the center, one worked to the right, one worked to the left and then repeat.  The third sample is a very shallow triple feather stitch.

Doing this very shallow row of feather stitches reminded me afresh that the Cretan stitch is a very close cousin to the feather stitch. The buttonhole, chain and fly stitch are all so similar with the feather stitch, too. Overlapping abounds in my experiments.

The first sample in the photo above is two feather stitches worked to the left, a small and wide alternately. Then fly stitches make up the border on the right. And the last sample is another variation of a feather chain. 

I’m not sure all my samples will translate well when using 100/3 silk on the feather stitch sampler, but I’m hopeful.

I’m sorry to say that I still can’t figure out why my photos are showing up as clickable. I don’t knowingly set them up to do that. I’m going to be searching for a way to turn the default off. And hopefully before the end of the day here on the west coast (usa).


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