Progress on the feather stitch sampler

This is the progress on the feather stitch sampler.

These are notes to myself. So some things are slated for redoing as soon as my LNS is open this week.

I’m hoping for a very light tone of the green to substitute for the yellow. I’m not sure what I can do for the birds. They need a lot of help. Their eyes don’t stand out well. They don’t look flight worthy to me.

I had a lot of fun this weekend taking the feather stitch “off grid” and coming up with about fifteen variations to start filling in more of the sampler. I’m going to post some of those soon. I need to review SharonB’s TSTC and stitch dictionary for the feather stitch and see if there is anything that will inspire me further.

Using the 100/3 silk instead of the pima cotton means a lot of space to fill up on the sampler. I’d like to have more than enough variations to pick and choose from. I want to add more variations on the mixed Milanese, too. I’m debating about making a capital letter alphabet. And if I do make it what kind of stitch should I use? Questions and options! I’m going to have to do some serious planning soon.

On another note. The orphan works bill made it’s way out of the US Senate committee and is making its way to the floor. Please consider the issues involved in this and weigh in on it.


One Response to Progress on the feather stitch sampler

  1. neki rivera says:

    dying to see it finished. Capital letters would be fun.

    i cant believe about the orphan bill as this is presently happening.

    Has it turned into a government for the big corporations by the big corporations?
    neki desu

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