The lock stitch: day 6

These are more lock stitch samples.

Some I’m please with and some I’m not. This stitch has been causing me all sorts of problems with tension. The straight stiches need to have some play in them. When binding three together the middle stitch should have very little play.

On the first sample the tension problem is very evident. The others only slightly better.

Before doing SharonB’s TSTC last year, i”m not sure I’d have posted these samples. Working through 2007, I began to realize my major concentration in samples needs to be capturing the idea. When stitching in a piece, then concentrating on good technique as well as idea come into play.

These are some samples i’m very excited about.

Computers have moved from my favorites to my frustration list this week. My new computer is still not on line, I’m waiting for a piece of equipment to arrive. I wasn’t able to add photos for this post for over two or three hours today. Worst yet something is wrong with my regular email account.

I contacted my email provider last week. And I apparently have the same problem again or it never was solved in the first place. I’m using another account with a different provider. If you’ve been trying to reach me and haven’t heard back from me, please leave a comment. And I will contact you through the other provider until everything is resolved else where.

On a happier note, I’ve been fascinated with the new one color geometric avatars springing up everywhere. They have been inspiring me to think how much fun it would be to stitch up some small patterns in little squares.


2 Responses to The lock stitch: day 6

  1. Marty52 says:

    I love these samples, Elizabeth! The ones in the last post are wonderful, too. I’m working away on my blocks so I think I will try some of these stitches as seam treatments. Thanks!

    Also, I tried clicking on the pictures in this post to embiggen them; however, I got a “the page cannot be displayed” error instead of a larger picture. I thought you would want to know since you are already having computer problems. :0(

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Marty, thanks so much for letting me know about the clickable photos that go no where. I had no idea that was happening. I think perhaps that’s to solution to my “none” clicks that keep showing up in wp statistics. I’ll start working on the problem and see what I can do.

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