Red clover chains

I’m still stitching away on a former WISP that I call my feather stitch sampler. I’m at the tedious, repeating process at the moment. There is not much new to look at. But last night as I was stitching, i suddenly saw this area afresh.

It reminded me of red clover chains that I use to make when growing up. I suppose it’s a likely substitute for the daisy chains, if one grows up in Vermont. Red clovers are the state flower there. They are abundant, growing freely. The stems are tough and ridged. They felt square to me as a kid (you can almost see the ridges here). And between the ridges, a finger nail can cut a very nice slit for the next stem to be threaded through.


Many thanks to the folks at Wikimedia for the real red clover image.


2 Responses to Red clover chains

  1. paulahewitt says:

    we used to make ‘daisy’ chains from clover flowers too – but ours are white, not red , so not as pretty, but they have the same square stem and all!

  2. Oh I love the new addition of the red clover. It is very pretty :) Can’t wait to see what you do next on this project !

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