The lock stitch: day 3

I think this is the last day of school girl mode with the lock stitch for a while. I’ve turned to some “off grid” work.

I will just take time out to mention that I enjoyed reading about some work Lynnis Burt has been doing in the current issue of CQMagOnline. Her work is beautiful and Barbara Blankenship also presents Lynnis’ technique for dying the edges of ribbons in a tutorial. Many thank to all involved in putting out the CQMagOnline.

The lock stitch is so easy and can lend itself to so many things. I keep thinking about couching and hope to experiment with that as I work “off grid”.

Mirrored worked on slanted straight stitches.

Middle bind mirrored

Two binds

Binding in a three/three pattern…wish I’d have beaded the middle thread on the down bind.

Binding four straight stitches mirrored and off set  

I’m still working on the darning pattern piece. It is winding down. I think that I’ve only two more patterns to stitch. But they are all worked out. Now I’m only wondering how it will be possible to polish up the loose ends and finish it.



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