More purples and a second green

I’ve been playing around with this darning pattern shape piece from a few days ago. At this stage it has two more purples and a second green.

The second green seems much better than the thread I tried earlier. I thought the first had too much yellow. This one is more of on tone with the first. And finding it made me rethink the lightest purple. So that purple is in for the moment and I’ve added two more purples.

The first purple added is a dark blue purple as part of a fade out on the red purple in the small purple line. I hate it; it’s out.

The second new purple is over here. In this simple overlapping line.

This piece is progressing. I’ve got the picture in my mind where the overall design should go. I just don’t have all the stitch patterns worked out yet.

There is one new pattern I worked out last night. I’m excited about stitching it. I actually had a few minutes to sit and stitch before posting so it’s on its way.

I’ve been working on the lock stitch and have tried some more experiments there. I should take that “off grid” this weekend.


3 Responses to More purples and a second green

  1. tenar72 says:

    As much as I love your experiments, I love it even more to see your skills applied to a real project. Keep going with this please.

  2. This is amazing! I love the transitions from one pattern into another.

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