The lock stitch: day 2

Update: I kept wondering why no one was responding to this post and to my amazement found wp thinks it May 1 at 7:31am. This was scheduled to post at May 1, 12:33pm. According to my time it is now May 1 8:36pm. Can any one clue me in, please?  I’ve bee setting publishing times by local time for a long time now. Has any thing changed? Thanks very much.

These are more lock stitch samples. I’m still in school girl mode.

But I want to take it “off grid” soon. Someone said this is one of the stitches that Beaney and Littlejohn put in their booklet, A Tale of Two Stitches. I’m going to see if I can find a copy of that at the library.

In all of these samples I’ve worked with a pattern of three/two on the straight stitches rather than the standard two/two.

That’s what gave me the idea of beading.

Yes rather uneven. It’s the idea not the perfection of the idea.


I don’t know how many read EGA Cyberstitchers’ list so I will pass on a link to some work by sculptor, Fraser Smith. He carves basswood into quilts. Then he stains the wood to to keep it more clothlike in appearance and touch. If you haven’t see his work before and are interested, it is well worth taking time to swing by. Many thanks to the lady who posted this information on the list. I spent some delightful moments looking around, amazed at the detail of the work.

He has a page explaining some how the work is done and so forth. And it made me think about SharonB‘s May TIF challenge concept again. I may opt for the palette this time. The concept at this point seems way beyond me. But what else is this challenge about? I better take some more time to think about it and write down a few scattered thoughts.


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