Finding pattern

Darning patterns are a favorite for me. When all my other experiments crash and burn. It seems I can beat a safe retreat to a darning pattern. Here is what I turned to last night.

I got carried away with this one little shape. However, this is not a simple shape but a compound shape.

It’s comprised of four identical shapes in a certain relationship to each other.

Finding pattern.

I found three patterns in the green stitching of the lower sample. Perhaps you’ll see more. In that piece it is just a matter of shifting your eyes’ focus.

What if I start to stitch in a way to emphasize one of these patterns…

And here I broke the shape apart to see this third pattern.

What if I took that initial shape and broke those four shapes out into a different relationship to each other?

What if I only work with three identical shapes to make the compound shape?

Or what if I go back and play with the initial shape more?

That a glimpse of the seemingly endless fascination and joy of pattern for me.



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