Eastern stitch daisy

This is a very quick step by step for the eastern stitch daisy I did the other day. It presupposes knowledge of the eastern stitch itself and focus on the variations. If you are not familiar with the eastern stitch Arts and Designs carries a nice group of illustrations in an easy to print pop up that you may access on this page. Many thanks to them for a useful glossary!

Here are the two straight stitches at an acute angle rather than at a right angle in the regular eastern stitch. Let the thickness of your thread and your desired fullness for the daisy govern the size of the angle.


Then I move out a little from the edge of the straight stitches to start the next part of the eastern stitch. Other than that this part of the sitch is worked normally.


I make the next two straight stitches for the next petal. The first of these stitches falls in the same spots as the second straight stitch of the first petal. I easy over one fabric thread, if the embroidery thread I’m working with is too thick to allow this comfortably. In this example, I’m using pima cotton on a twenty something count linen.

The start of the looping in the second petal.


Continue until you complete the number of petals desired for your daisy. I used straight stitches to fill in the center.



One Response to Eastern stitch daisy

  1. Elisabeth says:

    That works well, I like that.

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