In common

This post is full of some thoughts on stitches more than of examples of stitches. Yesterday’s post mentioned Anne Gailhbaud‘s question and comment about the similarity between the eastern stitch I’m working on

and the Indian edging stitch that she taught me and the sorbello stitch.

The step by step post on the Indian edging stitch shows the initial stitch and the caught loop and the second angled stitch making it like the eastern stitch. The eastern stitch, the Palestrina, Basque knot and the sorbello stitches are all worked on the same princples. I think the Mountmellick stitch bridges any small gap between the Indian edging stitch and the sorbello and it’s neighbors.

You may also see some of my early sorbello experiments anticipated something close to an eastern stitch before I knew or perhaps recognized that stitch.

The more I experiment with stitches and learn from other stitchers’ work, the more I attempt to understand the underlying structure of the stitch.

It reminds me of when I was just beginning to learn about specialty stitches. I did so many experiments with modifying the queen stitch that I unknowingly crossed over to what would be fly stitches. The fly stitch could make one think of the very beginning of a sorbello stitch. These stitches seem to belong to the looped family in some way.

I’m only starting on a journey to understand some of the larger stitch families over the past year. Does any one have some thoughts on this subject or could you recommend some books or articles on stitch families?

Tomorrow I will do a quick step through on making the daisy using the eastern stitch.


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