Running with the eastern stitch

I’m off and running with experiments on the eastern stitch. This is a stand alone stitch and I’ve been trying to take it into the realm of a continuous stitch.

Here I’ve treated it rather like a herringbone stitch.

In the meantime between experiments there are outbreaks of doodles.




2 Responses to Running with the eastern stitch

  1. Anne says:

    for your french readers, this stitch is “point d’orient” (sometimes point égyptien)
    I have decided to translate the names when I am able………..
    Your variations Elizabeth, are wonderful; I see a beautiful daisy; have you made it breaking angles of the first 2 stitches?

  2. Anne says:

    Addition to my precedent post:
    I think this eastern stitch is near of Indian edging stitch and also of sorbello stich, is it true?

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