April TIF and red leaves

April TIF

The concept of change that Sharon b picked for April’s TIF is a huge subject to think about. The one thing that flew into my mind immediately are the changes promised by the eternal God in the Bible. There are so many of these changes that are the joy of my heart and fill me with anticipation. However, since I could only illustrate a few at best and I’m trying diligently to simplify all my TIF concepts to be stitchable in a month; the challenge was on.

The heart seemed like a perfect shape to illustrate two promises I decide to focus in on. They are in Isaiah 1:18 and Ezekiel 36:26. The first the change of our sinfulness from red like scarlet and crimson to white like snow and wool. And the second a change of heart from like stone to one like flesh.

Red leaves

I went out trying to take photos of red leaves. I got rather carried away with the project. Instead of capturing a variety of leaves, I tried to capture the movement of the unfolding leaf–from brand new to the clipped hedge.

I wish I’d thought about this earlier in the spring so many of the leaves are already loosing the red color.


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