Lavender blue and red

I’ve just found that a raised buttonhole stitch helps in creating the illusion of a crenate, serrate or dentate leaf edge. I found it much easier to deal with than the buttonhole stitch itself. For more on leaf edges or margins please see this post for links.

This is a stitched sample in lavender blue.

It didn’t take more than a second to turn it into a red leaf…

but there were a few trials and errors along the way.

…something more subdued?

Here is another stitched leaf using the Van Dyke stitch.

Many thanks to Photoshop Elements for their filters and to Classic Stitches and Arts and Designs for their stitch glossaries.

And many more thanks to my friend, Anne Gailhbaud, whose leaf sampler has been so inspiring to me this year. If you haven’t seen some of Anne’s work by clicking on my blog categories or by visiting her website please do take a moment to do so. She does so many things creatively with beads, threads and fabric.


2 Responses to Lavender blue and red

  1. Anne says:

    Elizabeth, your leaves are superb!!Really. It’s an happiness to see them. And the stitch are not like mine: yours are perfect and mine, only some tests for don’t forget the idea..

  2. neki rivera says:

    thanks for the link on the van dyke stitch.
    many more goodies there such as how to attach sequins.
    i see you’ve been bitten by the eps bug :)

    neki desu

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