Sticking with red

I’m sticking with red thread and taking time out of general things to introduce another stitch. The eastern stitch is the sorbello stitch with a bend. No, it’s more properly the sorbello stitch with a right angle. 

How else could I describe it? It’s the sorbello stitch worked on an arrow stitch. There are good illustrations here at Arts and Designs. Many thanks to them for their glossary!

The eastern stitch caught my eye a month or two ago and I kept passing it by. But yesterday evening when I sat down to stitch for a few minutes it popped up in my memory. I photographed a few of my thoughts stitched out in samples.

I still need practice…

it’s sparking my imagination.

If you’ve tried this stitch or know it by another name I’d love to hear about it or see some photos of your work with it. I found one reference to it as the Egyptian stitch.





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