A little red leaf

What color are the leaves in your world?

My sister and I use to go up into the old hillside garden where the strawberries grew wild. And we’d say to each other, “Don’t get fooled by a little red leaf.”

It must have taken a hundred strawberries or more to fill a cup. We worked in a hurry and some of the strawberry leaves were red. Perhaps they lacked or gained some particular nutrient from the soil. 

But every once in a while in our hurry, when we reached for a strawberry all we got was a little red leaf.

No, it wasn’t this red. But I’m going to put it in an envelop and send it off to my sister.

I’m still working on leaves every day. In my world of needles and threads even lavender and blue leaves may fit in.

2 Responses to A little red leaf

  1. paulahewitt says:

    what a lovely little leaf. Here a lot of native plants have red/bronze new growth. I think I read/heard that it acts as a type of sunblock so the new growth doesnt get frazzled by the hot sun – Im not sure if this is true. Ill post a picture on my blog one day soon!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    There aren’t too many leaves around here at the mo as spring seems to be leaving it a little late to get going this year, (the weather is more like February than April!), but they should be all fresh and grass green!! (UK)

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