Woven picots — more practice

Before I get to my practice, I wish to point to some other work that is going on concerning embroidered leaves.

This morning I came across a wonderful post Deepa at This and that…my random thoughts has done on a leaf using two bullion stitches and satin stitches. If you haven’t seen this yet, please do visit.

And later in the day an anonymus commentator reminded me of a great tutorial Allie at Allie’s in Stitches had done with woven leaves. If you missed her post and are interested; it is well worth catching up with now. And Allie’s post in turn lead me on to this very good tutorial that Ira at Old Crazy Stitcher had done also in February. And what should happen while I was there but I caught a glimspe of yet another great tutorial. This one is done by Judy of POSSIBILITIES, etc! here.

Now back to; woven picots…in case you haven’t guessed yet. I can’t upload photos with this new format that the blog host devised—oooh perhaps I figured it out. But now and worst I can’t find spell checker. Did Sharon say something about “change” for April’s TIF challenge? Here is my practical experience with it today. More practice needed!

(Please, see my page SharonB’s challanges for links, if you are unfamiliar with SharonB’s TIF challenge.

Trying an elliptic shaped leaves. First in pima cotton and second in a cotton thread similar to a Perle 12 in size.

Revisiting my challenging leaf from yesterday…perhaps a little better

Trying a spear shaped leaf with no middle thread and working from the top to the tip.

Please forgive any spelling mistakes still in the post and any broken links. I’ve have to do the html code on all of them…since I’m getting blank pop ups from the blog host and probably due to my browser.   




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