Woven picot leaves

I’ve been doing my best to learn the woven picot stitch Ann showed me. Also I experimented on making leaf shapes with it.

Some of my attempts are bad. This first photograph hides nothing. I might have started out ok but the closer I got to the end the more mistakes I made.  This is an attempt at an oblanceolate leaf. 


Here I was able to turn out one or two acceptably but nothing was consistent. These are my attempts at ovate leaves.



I think this tree growing close to me has beautifully shaped leaves.


My attempt at trying to make it was very unsuccessful. I took 3 needles radiating from one point and seven strands of thread to weave. Much more practice is called for!


The third embroidered leaf from above I show again very enlarged so perhaps you can see what I try to explain below.


I used one loop like a normal woven picot. Then I made a second smaller loop before taking the thread to the tip of the leaf to start the weaving process. I did the first rows of the weaving with just the one loop and the thread running down to the tip.

Then as I approached the mid point, I began to weave in the second loop. I did not pin it as I did the first loop. But it was not difficult to work in and by the second row held in place well. Then at the end I began pulling everything very tight. I’m working with pima cotton which is much more giving than a Perle cotton. And finally I let some of the threads in the loops carry to the back as I closed it off.

If anyone has tips or suggestions for me, I would appreciate it.


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