Leaves in stitches

I love leaves. I’ve subjected them to scrutiny since childhood. And now my friend Anne Gailhbaud has sent me a fascinating embroidered leaf sampler.

She was making one to detail the various stitches she could use in her embroideries. I was filled with delight about the project but no matter how she scanned it and sent it, I could not see the details and determine the stitches she was using.

Finally she did what what very few would do. She made another one and sent it to me. A totally wonderful surprise. Fifteen leaves in fifteen different stitches. I’m only going to feature one today the woven picot. Using this stitch a leaf may be three dimensional. 


Here is a good step-by-step video from Mary Corbet on the stitch. Many thanks Mary! I should have watched this before I tried three of them last night on my own.

If you share my fascination with leaves, here are some on-line resources about leaves.

Shapes the basics — small photograph, English name, Latin name, brief description.

Shapes stylized simplified images includes leaf tips, bases and margins.

Glossary brief entries with drawings concerning the above and discussing leaf parts, arrangements and placements on stems as well as other structures from the state of Maine.

What is a leaf? a short article from Penn State University.

Don’t forget to visit Anne’s and Mary’s links if you are not already familiar with them. They are both talented ladies with many things of interest.


One Response to Leaves in stitches

  1. paulahewitt says:

    Thanks for the links to the leaf shapes – useful stuff. I love leaves too. Woven picots make great leaves don’t they – I found once I struggled with the first one, they were fun to do too!

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