Working experiments with the Chevron stitch

I’ve been working on experiments with the Chevron stitch. My stitching with it is based on applying some concepts from my experiments with the sorbello stitch.

In attempting to identify these variations, I see that there is a version of the feathered chain stitch that is similar to one of the variations I’ve done. If you know these variations that I’ve been working on by a particular name. Please do let me know. Thank you!

The Chevron stitch is a variation of the herringbone stitch. I’m speculating that perhaps it arose due to what I saw in an old needlework book called a double herringbone stitch.

Note: This is not what is commonly called a double herringbone stitch in our stitch dictionaries today. I’m searching to find what book it is so I can give you a reference. It was one in an on-line collection of copyright free material. I’ll post back here as soon as I locate it.

Many thanks to SharonB for her stitch dictionary!

There are three variations to the basic work.


This one is closest to the regular Chevron stitch. Instead of allowing the horizontal stitch to ride over the legs of the stitch, it is caught under them.

Once the horizontal stitch is tied down the flexibility increases.


Of course, this is the variation that I mention which is similar to the feathered chain stitch.


Due to seeing Annie‘s post the other day while I was in the midst of all these experiments, I tried a two color version as well.


I think I’ve got some more practicing to do.

I’m so thankful for so many on-line friends just like Annie and Neki (from yesterday’s post) who add sparkle to my thinking and make me try something different.


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