Subtracting stitches

This is my subtraction process — a continuation of thoughts from of yesterday’s post. Completely unnecessary since I could have merely reversed yesterdays addition process. But I had a goal in mind.











Exactly the same number of stitches as what I started out with yesterday.


No, that wasn’t the goal I had in mind.

The goal I was aiming at was the removal of stitches with re-spacing of the remaining stitches within the outline. In yesterday’s post, I added stitches but for the most part the previous stitches were left in place.

There is much more I probably should say about blackwork along with some disclaimers about what I’m doing here. There are many introductions to blackwork on the web. If you are interested I hope you check some of them out.

Elizabethan Blackwork with free stitch diagrams.

Rissa points out some great links at the end of her article on the subject.

I enjoy strolling through Leon Conrad ‘s designs.

Linn Skinner is a favorites of mine who wrote a good article to read on the subject. It is available here.

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