Detached raised chains on skeleton

Sorry not to have been able to post the last day or two. I got blind sided by some allergies, I guess. There are so many trees in the central valley blooming right now and at least one I must be allergic too. I just couldn’t hold my head up to do much more than the necessary things.

These are the detached raised chain stitches I’ve been working on the same skeleton I’ve been using lately.


I’ve been testing some different rayon and cotton threads.

This one I liked and would like to try and bead.


This one is I would like to try mirroring both horizontally and vertically so that it would look like expanding diamond shapes.


The rayon threads that I don’t like at all.


My favorite. It would be fun to try a horizontal mirror on this one, too.


I’ve got some “off grid” work ready to post, too. But it will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m about ready to take a nap in the daytime–definitely not my cup of tea!


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