Now for something different

Dry as dust or your cup of tea?

I love many kinds of old books. I’ve just seen some old embroidery books on line that are a delight. Many thanks to Jeanine on the EGA list for pointing to this Italian site. Click the flags for various translations.

Their old book section has some new treasures. These are concerning cut work and shadow work. Shadow work is about 125 pages. Don’t give up on this book too quickly by about page 60 you will see incredible needlework flying by your eyes.

And do you like hem stitching? There is a wonderful display of various types of removed fabric thread embroideries with the hem stitch. I hope I’m saying that understandably.  

There was another book on Palistrina embroidery that I enjoyed looking at. For that one in particular I wished that I could pick up more of the text than my high school Latin allows.  But there are lots of pictures of the work. And the work is wonderful.

I’m so thankful these are recorded and preserved for us today. I’ve been having a feast.

Perhaps tomorrow I will be content to post some of my samples but to day — no. I give place to these excellent needleworkers of other day. Please do consider taking time out to look if you have not already visited this needlework site. They have many other things of interest. I’ve not half explored all of what they have myself.


4 Responses to Now for something different

  1. MargB says:

    That is an absolute treasure of a website. I have barely skimmed the surface – not even looked at the old books yet – but waht I have seen is wonderful. Thankyou very much

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I love old books too – and languages and embroidery, so I need to visit this site you mentioned!

    Love your stitch samples. I expect to be doing some things like that myself soon too when I can start on the City & Guilds stitched textiles courses later on this spring! Come over and visit me some time.=)

  3. neki rivera says:

    whohoo! what an incredible source!
    i remember when i lived in Rome the enormous quantities of monthly embroidery mags
    that were published.Two come to mind Rakam and Mani di Fata -fairy hands- cute eh? Italians have never stopped so there’s no revival, just continium, and i think it’s wonderful!!
    Thanks for memory lane Monday :)

    neki desu

  4. Marjorie says:

    I thought of you when I was at this site earlier today–in particular when I found the Bilateral Pekinese Stitch. It seems to fall in with some of the things you’ve been doing. I loved the cutwork book but I missed the one of shadow work–I shal have to go back and see. Thanks for all of your very creative and inspiring stitch samples. Marjorie

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