Herringbone ladder on skeleton continued

Yes, I’m still in school girl mode with my post today. But I did start on a couple of “off grid” doodles last night. Today’s samples show the work with a second herringbone ladder pattern on the same skeleton. And I did some more beading on the first pattern (directly below). 


I enjoyed the beading trials and my thanks go out to Bobbi and Emily for their suggestions in that area on yesterday’s post.



This next sample is the only this one with a lot of color contrast and the only one I liked–although the camera is distorting the colors a bit here in the photograph. A contrast in color is exactly what Bobbi and Emily were saying I needed to do. Good advice, ladies! I did try gold center beads, but ripped them out. I don’t think it was the color that was bad. It was the wrong size in comparison to the thread that was too much. 


The second herringbone pattern trials. First the one color one thread size trial.


Two colors two thread sizes




One Response to Herringbone ladder on skeleton continued

  1. neki rivera says:

    i love what you’re doing with the beads!

    neki desu

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