Different stitch same skeleton

Yes, I’m in a school girl mode of exploration. The stitch has changed; today’s samples are herringbone ladders. I’m using the same skeleton with a few variations along the way to accommodate this stitch.

Before I proceed to the samples, I want to say many thanks to Paula, Christine and Bobbi and for their comments on the question about the tiny tan beads in yesterday’s post. Many thanks ladies for your input. Total agreement, too!

Since I am studying the effects that beads have on the pattern presented in the stitching, the outside input is so valuable to me. I was thinking the beads detracted from seeing the staggered half wagon wheel pattern I was try to get across on the stitched line.

Knowing that the band looks more finished with the beads makes me realize I need to emphasize the half wagon wheel in another way perhaps a whipped thread of a different color will work. I can tell more experiments are ahead. However, I’m longing to do some “off grid” work. I wonder what mood I’ll be in when I finally have a chance to stitch for a few moments later in the evening.

On to today’s samples.





Back to the bead thing again for a moment. Look at the difference the placement of the beads made in this band. Now what would happen if I combine the two beading patterns? If I do that, then should I use a different size or color bead for the center?



2 Responses to Different stitch same skeleton

  1. bobbi says:

    Using a different color would give you more contrast and emphasize the stitch more, I think….

  2. Emily says:

    I would try a different color.
    I just wanted to say it’s been fascinating watching you work through all these stitches. I’ve been here many times, but this is my first comment. :)

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