Bits and pieces of this and that

Bits and pieces of this and that … sometimes that’s what my growing pile of samples looks like. I’ve never been too happy with my TSTC samples in the plastic sleeves notebook. So this year the samples are stacking up around me. Or more specifically they are piling up on the ironing board. 

Previous years reside in old pillow cases until I decide I want to rifle through them for something special. So when Deepa‘s question about how I document and store my samples came up on the blog, it was a timely remind that I need to do something to organize my samples.

Deepa kindly gave me some good thoughts when I emailed her to thank her for the question. “On my part, I would say that if I were in your place, I would first divide them into two – the best ones which’ll be worth keeping and of course the not so good ones or the ones you don’t care about much. Let the second group remain in the pillowcases. The best ones need to be documented, because after some days  if your memory is as bad as mine, you’ll be wondering what stitch was that.” 

Many thanks to Deepa for the question and these good ideas. If you aren’t familiar with Deepa’s blog please do take some time to visit. Whether she’s working with her young daughter on a special project or documenting some of her own work, I always enjoy reading her blog. If you have anything to add to these thoughts, please leave a comment. Thanks very much. 

Here are some samples of work from yesterday using a camera! Much better than the scanner in most cases. And yes, by the way, I did update the last two post with photographs for a side by side comparison. Here and here if you’re interested in a better second look.


Sorbello and Pekinese with beads


Two rows of sorbellos on either side of the herringbone ladder band.


Eskimo stitches on top of overlapping sorbellos





2 Responses to Bits and pieces of this and that

  1. Please Elizabeth, I should want to send this email to Deepa, but It’s not possible without I understand the reason. Can you send it for me?
    thanks to Elizabeth (Quieter moments) For the first time I was today in your blog. Very interesting. Now, it’s in my favorites: thanks.
    It’s not difficult for me to understand (and seing!) but more difficult to write in english, sorry to be not so long and being unable to say that I feel.
    I shall come again in This and That!

  2. bobbi says:

    I love both the beaded pieces and the doodles!

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