Stitches in combination

Today’s samples are stitches in combination. I’m still messing around with the scanner settings. Still having a few struggles with knowing how to improve the scans. UPDATE: I decided to get some photographs of these same samples when the light was good yesterday. The photographs are the second picture, the scans the original.

Pekinese with raised chain band in the center



Mountmellick with detached raised chain on top layer



Raised chain with overlapping chain stitches on either side. This is the most disappointing scan because the lovely apricot wool thread isn’t showing its real beauty.



Mountmellick with over lapping chain stitches on the top layer



A modified Portuguese band with the center of detached raised chain stitches.



I’ve half a mind to update this post with photographs once there is enough light to capture them. I’d like to see if it is just in my imagination that photographs are so much better. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes. UPDATE: While I didn’t get the photographs posted yesterday. I’m glad I took them. It lets me know I should use the scanner sparingly. I’m much happier with the photographs.


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