Herringbone ladder stitch: Day 1

My apologies to my regular visitors, my work schedule is very erratic at the moment and I’m trying to blog around it. As a result my posts are coming up at odd times. Many thanks to those of you who have been commenting. I appreciate it very much. There may be a couple of things that I answer or put out for input in a post over the next few days. And many thanks to all of my visitors. For any new visitors, welcome. I hope you will find something of use or interest here and enjoy the visits.

The stitch that I wanted to highlight today is that stitch that’s been popping up in some of my samples but that I’ve not introduced in a post. It is the herringbone ladder stitch and is also know as the interlaced band stitch. Classic stitches has a good illustration on how to do the stitch. Many thanks to them for this! Like many of the other stitches I’ve been doing lately it is worked on straight stitches.




As you see the appearance of this stitch may vary depending on the placement of the straight stitches. On the sample below I did not use a separate straight stitch for the inner circle loops, but actually used a diamond shape of four stitches and put several loops in each of those stitches. As many of you know I bend or break a few rules when having fun exploring stitches.



hl1f.png On this sample half the ladder is missing. It’s probably strayed over the line and could be another stitch.


One Response to Herringbone ladder stitch: Day 1

  1. Suzi says:

    It makes a great circle!

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